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Gate Repair

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With our gate repairs, you’re always guaranteed perfect service every time!

Our company strives to be the best gate contractor in the local area, so when you call us, you’re always guaranteed perfect service every time. When you have a question about your gate, check out our informative FAQ section below for answers to many of today’s most common gate related questions.

Why You Should Choose Gate Repair Argyle Service:

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What spare parts should I keep on hand?

You shouldn’t actually need anything as your gate will be under warranty for the first few years. This means that any repairs or replacements will be the manufacturer’s responsibility. However, there are some parts of your system that may have to be replaced more regularly. These include the gate springs, the actual control board and loop detectors. You’re welcome to perhaps keep spares of these items, but a qualified repairman or technician will have access to these components if they need to be replaced. 

A loop detector? What is that?

It is basically a device that senses or detects the presence of a vehicle approaching the driveway gate. The loop is dug into the ground and then recovered with tar so that it is not visible. As soon as a car passes over the underground loop, a signal is sent to the gate’s main control panel and the gate will automatically open or close without the touch of any button.