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Gate Repair

Having an electric gate installed in your home is a great way to ensure that your family is properly protected from intruders, while making the task of coming and going a convenient one. However, these remarkably strong appliances are sure to take damage from time to time, whether it’s from rust, galvanic corrosion, accidents or simply old age, having your gate repaired is as easy as enlisting in the services of a professional technician.

Gate Opener repair

Your gate’s motor is the heart of your system. It provides power to automate your gate through the workings of inner components that when in operation, may cause friction. This friction is sure to wear down the parts of your motor, resulting in it becoming ineffective over time. When this starts to affect the way your gate works, have your gate opener restored by a technician as soon as you can.

Gate Repair on broken Hinges

Your gate’s hinges are responsible for leveraging your gate and supporting its significant weight. The stress of this job can, however, lead them to weaken and even break over time. Rust from consistently damp air, or galvanic corrosion from your hinges’ contact with electrified metals can also weaken its strength substantially. When this happens, have a technician repair your gate by replacing, welding or restoring your broken hinges.

Safely Aligning Your Gate

A properly aligned gate will work safely effectively, but its weight may lead to a gradual misalignment as it is used overtime. Besides being an eyesore when the problem becomes noticeable, this can also cause your gate to operate ineffectively, or even cause it to fail altogether. So when this happens, be sure to have your driveway gate adjusted by a technician as soon as you can.

If you would like more information on having your gate repaired by a technician, give one of our consultants at Gate Repair Argyle a call today.

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