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Repairing gate problems fast is our business!

Often your home’s gate may become wobbly or unstable. Our experts always know which parts need to be replaced or repaired to keep it in perfect working condition.

We offer ideas and advice to keep your gate operating smoothly, so check out our informative tips section located below.

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Always have a back-up

As we know, an electric driveway gate is extremely convenient is today’s day and age. However, its main downside is the fact that it is electrically operated. What do you do in the event of a blackout? These are where back-up batteries become essential. It is also an important safety feature as it will prevent your gate from opening or closing half way and staying locked in that position. Please ensure that your new gate has this vital feature.

Check the trucks if your gate is stuck

Have you ever opened or closed your gate only to have it get stuck and stop moving? You may think that this could be a technical issue, and it may well be. However, and more often than not, it could just be that something is stuck on the tracks. Have a look at the tracks and remove any obstacles such as small stones or broken branches.